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Still active

14 February 2014
AUTHOR: Education Exchanges Support Foundation / Lithuania
collaborating countries: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden

Raising awareness of other countries

Still active_1

It's a real challenge! Senior learners from Vilnius during the computer class.

Still active_2

It's a real challenge! Senior learners from Vilnius during the computer class.

Still active_3

Let's stretch! Physical activities for seniors during the project's final conference "Seniors for seniors - Let's fight social exclusion together".

The Nordplus Adult project “Still Active” brought together senior learners from five Baltic and Nordic countries to participate in intercultural learning activities. They created stories, took photos, made audio recordings on the topics discussed and presented them on a virtual platform for other senior learners to read and comment.

“I have become so busy: learning the language, meeting people, collecting materials – there is no time to think about my age. I am so happy”, says one of the participants.

Strengthening motivation to continue learning

As a result of the project, the awareness of other countries has been raised, and the importance of national identity strengthened. In addition, the seniors discovered a lot of things in common with other people living in the nearby Baltic and Nordic countries, and it strengthened their motivation to continue learning.

“I can’t believe that we have so much in common with our neighbours!” says one of the participants.

To ensure continued learning and active ageing, the project has produced “English ABC for Seniors“ - a notebook and CD-electronic book with exercises that will keep seniors busy in language learning, stimulating their mental abilities, encouraging interaction and becoming a part of a lifelong learning process.